Roanoke Valley Bird Club

RVBC Bluebird Trail


In the spring and summer, our club sponsors a Bluebird Monitoring Project along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Hanging Rock Golf Course, and Botetourt Country Club. Club members volunteer to check nest boxes to determine the breeding success of “our” bluebirds. Members also enjoy getting together to build new boxes from funds donated to our Adopt a Bluebird program. We start signing people up in March. If you’ve never monitored nesting boxes before, we can arrange for someone to go with you your first time. Sign up to monitor as many or as few times as you like. The trails are checked once a week, April through August, and it takes a couple of hours each time. It’s great fun—just ask anyone who’s done it. You’ll get to look into the boxes and see babies at all stages of development. Try it—we bet you’ll like it!


Bluebird nesting boxes and poles may be purchased at the club meetings. (Contact Kent Davis to make arrangements 540-344-8377)

Use a predator guard to prevent snakes from eating bluebird eggs and babies. The blacksnake is able to navigate up the pipe, but is repelled at the predator gurad as it cannot get a grip to go up.




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