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Monday, March 11th at 7PM
Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs Building
3640 Colonial Avenue Roanoke, VA 24018
Join fellow club members for dinner at 5:30pm at the Brambleton Deli, 3655 Brambleton

The Blue Ridge Parkway: Botanical Treasure and Avian Hideaway
Presented by Butch Kelly
This program covers the natural communities along the parkway such as riparian
areas, meadows, forests and other ecosystems. Butch will also talk about what
birds are found there and how they use the habitat in order to survive.
Butch Kelly currently serves as Vice President and Historian for the Blue Ridge
Wildflower Society and is a past Vice President for the Roanoke Valley Bird
Club. He also leads field trips for both clubs and was active in securing our new
meeting place. With a Bachelors degree in Biology from West Virginia University
and a Masters in Science from Virginia Tech, Butch taught Sciences for Roanoke
County and also served as Energy Manager Educator for the county. He was a
Seasonal National Park Ranger for 13 seasons. His hobbies are many including,
hiking, botanizing, birding, reading and traveling. He presently volunteers with the
Nature Conservancy, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Virginia Native Plant Society
and church. Butch is married to Betty Kelly with 4 children and 6 grandchildren
whom he enjoys playing baseball, basketball and hiking with.



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