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RVBC Club Meeting: March. 13 , PM 7 PM Grandin Court Baptist Church

Conserving Virginia’s Birds with Science
and Action
Presented by Ashley Peele, Ph.D.

Dr. Ashley Peele is the State Coordinator for the VA Breeding Bird Atlas, and she
will be speaking about the launch of this project for its second field season. Come
hear more about how Virginia’s birding community is diving into active bird conservation
through citizen science. Dr. Peele will share some of the early, exciting results
from the 2016 Atlas season, discuss priority species for the Roanoke area,
and answer questions on how anyone with an interest in birds can get involved
with this project. She might even squeeze in some interesting photos from her
work on migratory species in Jamaica, touching on how this work connects with
our conservation efforts in VA.
Dr. Peele is an Avian Ecologist based at the Conservation Management Institute at
Virginia Tech. She recently obtained a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
from Tulane University. Her graduate work focused on the relationship between
habitat quality and intrinsic population dynamics in regulating populations of the
American Redstart, during the non-breeding season. As part of the Smithsonian
Migratory Bird Center research program, she spent five years studying these and
other migratory warblers in Jamaica. Prior to this, she received her BA in Zoology
from Ohio Wesleyan University and worked on many other bird research and conservation
programs all over the United States.



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