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RVBC Club Meeting: Oct. 8at 7 PM Next Meeting:
Sept. 10, 7 PM
Roanoke Council Garden Club - 3640 Colonial Avenue, SW 24015

by speaker Donna Haley
Environmental Educator
Many of us have heard of the Master Naturalist Program, but have questions.
What is the program all about? What is involved to becoming one? What
will I learn? What does a Master Naturalist do? At our October meeting, Donna
Haley, President of the Roanoke Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists, will explain
the program to us. The program covers areas such as Biogeography, Geology and
Soil Science, Entomology, Ornithology, Aquatic and Forest Ecology, Herpetology,
Ichthyology and Dendrology.
Donna Haley began her service to Virginia Cooperative Extension in 1996 as a Master
Gardener. In 2012, she took on the title of Master Naturalist as well. Donna, as
an ethno-botanist, taught horticulture at Virginia Western Community College at
Greenfield. She is a “Tank Team” member at the Ocean in the Mountains Aquarium
at Center in the Square in Roanoke. She also enjoys volunteering for the Blue
Ridge Mountains Council Boy Scouts of America and serves on their Council Conservation
Committee. She is a long time geocacher, and a recent presenter at the Virginia Environmental
Educators Conference. She is a 2015 Citizens for Clean and Green, City of Roanoke Green Academy
graduate. Donna is an active member in Botetourt County, where she
resides with her husband Dan, and two teenage sons, Kyle and Kevin.

Seeds for a Song Seed Sale
Our club’s main fundraiser, Seeds for a Song, is scheduled
for Saturday, November 10, at the Northwest Hardware
store in Hollins from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. We sell fresh
seed containing little or no waste at reasonable
prices. The sale is open to the public, so tell your
friends!It's best to pre-order but we will have a small
supply of extra seed at the sale for those who forget.
Please contact Alyce Quinn at twoquinns@, 540-719-0109, or 540-312-6844 if you can help in any way or
need more information.

Our club calendar will be available for viewing at the October meeting. Pre-orders
can then be made and can be paid for by check or cash at the meeting or online
(after October 8th) at the website . Pre-ordering
is very important as it gives the printers an idea of how many to print. The price of
the calendar will remain at $12 each and they will also be available for sale at the
November and December meetings and at our annual seed sale.




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