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Our next meeting will be in-person with a Zoom option on Monday, February 13 at 7pm at
the Garden Club Building (3640 Colonial Ave, Cave Spring, VA 24018). We will continue to
engage in best practices regarding Covid moving forward. We value everyone’s safety and
health. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please feel free. If you choose not to wear
a mask, please respect those who do. Thank you!

Local Rehab
Presented by Allyson Lee

Allyson began officially working with wildlife management in 1989 under the supervision of Edie Anderson. She began her work in veterinary medicine in 1998. Her work in wildlife rehabilitation began with a focus on small mammals and, shortly thereafter, she moved into work with birds and reptiles. She currently focuses on reptiles and migratory birds.

Most of the animals in her care are native to Virginia, but she also works as needed in other states and countries
assisting locals with large scale welfare and rescue emergencies. In addition to her work with wildlife, Allyson works as a statewide canine search and rescue volunteer. She will be with us, in person.




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