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Monday,February 10th at 7PM
Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs Building
3640 Colonial Avenue Roanoke, VA 24018
Join fellow club members for dinner at 5:30pm at the Brambleton Deli, 3655 Brambleton

Protecting the Eastern Bluebird and other Native Cavity Nesters
Presented by Carol Whiteside

Carol will explore what is involved with identifying, attracting and protecting our bluebird
box nesters, and will present the bluebirds’ history, housing requirements, monitoring updates,
and more. Carol has been a RVBC member since the early 1980’s, and she has been
a birder for most of her life with a special interest in bird behavior. For over fifteen years
Carol studied and bred Gouldian Finches (a caged bird native to the tropics of Australia).
This led to her fascination with bluebirds also being box nesters – wild, yet easily approached
and observed. She has always maintained a bluebird trail on her farm, and monitored
the Blue Ridge Parkway 33-box bluebird trail prior to accepting the volunteer position
of BRP trail chairman, a natural pairing since she leases adjoining parkway land for

Plan to spend a few hours driving away the winter blues on Saturday February 8,
2020. The annual Raptor Count is a great excuse to get out of the house and do some
winter birding with your birding buddies!! No skill is required, just a little time and effort.
Plan on a leisurely drive around your area, counting all the hawks you see. Points
are awarded for each hawk, although this is not a serious competition. The winner gets
bragging right!! We compile the results from everyone's efforts and keep an eye on
trends in hawk populations. In the unwanted event of inclement weather, an alternate
date of Sunday February 9 has been set. Contact Anne Tucker (540) 721-1573 if you
have any questions. The tally sheet can be emailed to or mailed
to 3256 Lakewood Forest Rd. Moneta VA 24121. Download tally sheet



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