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RVBC Club Meeting: Members' Night
Dec 10, 7 PM
Roanoke Council Garden Club - 3640 Colonial Avenue, SW 24015

These counts are not a new idea or limited to the
Roanoke Valley Bird Club. The first count was done
on Christmas Day 1900 as an alternative to hunting
birds. The count is a census of birds in the Western
Hemisphere performed in a “count circle” with a diameter
of 15 miles between December 14 and January
5. Observers count every bird seen or heard in
assigned areas. All counts are forwarded to the National
Audubon Society to provide population data
for use in science, especially conservation biology.
The Roanoke Valley Bird Club will be doing three counts:

Roanoke - Saturday, December 15
Contact Bill Hunley - / 774-2397 (H) / 467-3477 (C)

Fincastle – Sunday, December 16
Contact Eunice Hudgins – / 389-4056

Peaks of Otter – Tuesday, December 18
Contact Kent Davis - / 344-8377

Participate in as many counts as you like. If you are a new birder or have not done
these counts before, you will be placed with experienced birders. It’s a chance to
get to know your fellow birders and maybe discover a new territory or a new bird.
There is very little walking on most of the territories – we drive the areas stopping
often to look, listen and count the birds. It’s a fun day.
Following the Fincastle count, we will meet at Barry Kinzie’s house at Woodpecker
Ridge for a bowl of Barry’s “Woodpecker Stew” and a tally of birds seen on the
Roanoke and Fincastle counts.
After the Peaks of Otter count, we will gather at the North Star Restaurant in
Buchanan for lunch and a tally.




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