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Next Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 10, via Zoom

Identifying Shorebirds Presented by Drew Haffenden

Our speaker, Andrew (Drew) Haffenden will speak on the identification of shorebirds. This is a timely topic as some of us may need a refresher on coastal birds as we plan our summer trips to the shore. He will talk about noting identification marks with the use of field guides and other tools. He will concentrate on how to look at these birds and what to concentrate on such as foraging methods and other notable behaviors. He will point out how to break the birds into easy to digest groups, rather than just as individuals. This talk will be suitable for both beginner birders and those with years of experience.

Drew will be Zooming from his home on Dauphin Island, near Mobile, Alabama. He has long had an interest in wildlife and nature and has now become an avid birder. He has worked as a wildlife researcher in his home country of Australia and for the last 35 years has been primarily involved with nature travel.

Now living on Dauphin Island, Drew said;
I was walking on the beach here one day in July 2012 and I noticed a Snowy Plover with colored leg bands and a few days later, also a banded Piping Plover. That began my interest in shorebirds which continues to this day, learning the different species and their behaviors the best way, through time in the field. I continue to monitor banded birds and have sent re-sightings to the respective banders from the Dakotas, Nebraska and Canada to Michigan, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana and right here in Alabama. Over the years this has led to 658 re-sight records of Piping Plovers and 640 re-sight records of Snowy Plovers, plus a sundry of other species ranging from sandpipers to terns. And, although my original Snowy Plover seems to have passed away in 2019, in March this year I re-sighted the second banded Piping I ever saw, first seen July 27, 2012, still returning to Dauphin Island to spend his non-breeding season. Covid-19 aside I continue my work in nature travel, the last few years especially to Cuba, where among other great birds and culture I of course seek out shorebirds, especially banded plovers.

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Annual RVBC Club Picnic Annual RVBC Club Picnic Saturday, August 21st, 1:00-3:30PM
We will be joining the Blue Ridge Wildflower Club for an indoor/outdoor picnic on Saturday, August 21st from 1PM to 3:30PM. The picnic will be at our regular meeting place, the Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs Building at 3640 Colonial Ave in Roanoke. Our club is providing fried chicken and the Wildflower Club is providing barbecue. Please bring your favorite side dish or dessert to share and your preferred non-alcoholic beverage. Something new this year: You can eat inside or out. Tables will be set up outside if you prefer. To sit outside, please bring a camp chair. Face masks are suggested to use during setup time. Also, ito keep extra plastic out of the landfill, bring your favorite drinking cup and utensils. Compostable paper plates will be provided unless you would like to bring your own plates/bowls as well. A reminder email will be sent out closer to the time of the picnic. See you there!

Summer, Summer, Summer Summer, Summer, Summer There will be no newsletters or monthly meetings during the months of June, July, and August. We’ll resume in September. Happy birding over the summer.



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