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Gala Wetlands Access for Club Members • What to do when You Find a Bird in Trouble • What kind of Bird Seed to Buy? • Bird Count Yields Seventy-five Species • Two Corporations Convicted Under Migratory Bird Act • Raptor Count Results

February 2010
Rusty Blackbird Blitz • Roanoke Christmas Bird Count • Fincastle and Peaks of Otter Christmas Bird Counts • Frostbitten Pelicans Arrive at Tri-State Rescue • Evolution in the Backyard

January 2010
RVBC 2010 Club Officers • Thanks to Everyone Who Provided Refreshments • Thanks for a Successful Seed Sale • Girl Scout Duck Walk Thank You • Field Trips • Sightings • Great Backyard bird Count, Feb. 12-15 • Counting Chimney Swifts • What's that Twittering in My Chimney? • Book Review: A Natural History Guide to Great Smoky Mountain National Park • Winter Bird Feeding Tips • Winter Raptor Count Sheet




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