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The Roanoke Valley Bird Club is hosting a VA Breeding Bird Atlas workshop on Wednesday, June 1, at 6:30 p.m. at the Grandin Court Baptist Church at 2660 Brambleton Avenue. The workshop will be led by Ashley Peele, the VA BBA coordinator. Come learn about the why, where and how of atlasing. Topics will include field survey methods, eBird data entry, and using smartphones to collect data. Questions and discussion welcome. Feel free to bring a laptop to follow along. Ashley will be happy to help folks get set up in eBird or any other Atlas tool they are intereted in.

Everyone is welcome.  Please consider joining us to learn more about this project and how easy it is to get involved.

Next Meeting:
Sept. 12, 7 PM
Grandin Court Baptist Church

Wildlife Care Alliance Emergency Contact: If you find an injured bird or wild animal call:540-342-4890

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Members receive a monthly newsletter, our source of information about upcoming programs and field trips as well as the latest in birding facts and news.

Join the Club
When you join, we will send you the most recent newsletter and invite you to our next meeting or field trip. To complete a membership form, click on Membership Application. Note: Memberships are effective beginning September 1 of the ensuing year. Memberships received after June 1 will be applied to the following year.

Our club meets each second Monday at 7:00 P.M., September through May, at the Grandin Court Baptist Church at 2660 Brambleton Avenue in Roanoke, Virginia. Speakers talk about everything from hummingbirds and songbirds to eagles and owls, with video presentations and occasional live bird exhibits. Guests are always welcome.

Meetings also cover field sightings of birds in the Roanoke area. After the meeting we gather for refreshments.

Community Outreach
A representative of the club frequently talks to local clubs and community groups about the bird club's activities, backyard birding, declining bird species, and wildlife habitat preservation. If you would like to arrange for a speaker please contact Kent Davis at 540-344-8377.

Field Trips
The Roanoke Valley Bird Club organizes a full calendar of field trips each year. These trips give members a chance to learn more about birds in the area. As part of the club’s mission, the information from several of our field trips is used to keep a census of bird populations in the Roanoke Valley.

Our field trips include but are not limited to:

• Winter Trip to Highland County
• Spring Trip to Highland County
• Winter Raptor Count
• Pond Hopping
• Big Spring Day
• Warbler Walks
• Evening Woodcock Watch
• Fall Hawk Migration Count
• Sparrow Walk
• Christmas Bird Counts

Club members may also attend overnight field trips sponsored by the Virginia Society of Ornithology. VSO trips include Chincoteague, the Eastern Shore, Piney Grove, Mount Rogers, High Knob, and the Outer Banks.

In the fall, club members volunteer to watch the skies for migrating raptors at Harvey's Knob on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Bluebird Trail
In the spring and summer, our club sponsors a Bluebird Monitoring Project along the Blue Ridge Parkway and at two local golf courses. Club members volunteer to check nest boxes in order to determine the breeding success of “our” bluebirds. Members also enjoy getting together to build new boxes from funds donated to our Adopt a Bluebird program.

Seed Sale
Once a year in the fall our club has a bird seed sale to raise funds for the club. We sell quality seed containing little or no waste, at reasonable prices. The sale is open to the public. Refreshments are served, and experienced bird watchers/feeders will be on hand the day of pick-up to answer any questions. Sale proceeds are used to promote wild bird conservation and to support local educational programs.

Please join us for a meeting or field trip. Call any of the following club officers for more details:

Kent Davis, President 540-344-8377
Maureen Eiger, VP/Programs 540-342-4890
Eleanor Dye, VP/Membership 540-890-1627
Candy Andrzejewski, Secretary 540-365-2508
Barry Whitt, Treasurer
Linda Cory, Field Trips  540-580-5214


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