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(For any additional information please contact Linda Cory at 540-580-5214 or

Join co-leaders Barry Whitt (309-4353) and Annie Downing (520-6027) for a bird
walk on the Cherry Blossom Trail at Greenfield. We will walk around Greenfield
Lake in search for waterfowl and songbirds. The walk will be mostly flat walking for
about 2 miles. We will also cover the grassy area overlooking the lake or the trail
down to the lower pond. Bring your spotting scopes! For those that want to stay
afterwards, we can lunch at Ballast Point Brewery overlooking the lake. This trip
will be repeated on April 10th. Directions: Take Exit 150B on I-81 and follow signs
to Route 220N. Go about 4 miles and take a left at the entrance to the Greenfield
Education and Training Center, across from the entrance to Ashley Plantation. Park
in the second lot on the right.

Meet Robin Austin (293-9071) at the Bent Mountain Community Center for an evening
walk of birding and Woodcock watching. We will visit the boardwalk at the
community center (formerly Bent Mountain Elementary school) and then walk the
surrounding area. The group will then carpool to a nearby area to observe the
Woodcocks that start their courtship flight at sunset. Walking is level, but wear
waterproof shoes as we will be walking on the grassy roadside. Directions: The
Community Center is at 10148 Tinsley Lane, Bent Mountain VA 24059.

Meet Sid and Mary Lou Barritt (354-6004) for a productive bird walk along Tinker
Creek and the Roanoke River. We should see lots of woodpeckers, songbirds,
some waterfowl. Our target birds are the Winter Wren and the Brown Creeper. It is
3 miles of mostly even walking, but wear waterproof shoes. Directions: We will
meet in the Fallon Park parking lot in SE Roanoke. Heading down Dale Ave away
from downtown Roanoke, look for the park entrance on your left (just past 20th St
SE). You will need to drive further and take a U-turn to come back to the Fallon
Park entrance. Once you have entered the park, the parking lot will be on the right
in a quarter mile. The address given is 2116 Dale Ave, Roanoke SE.

Our leader, Bill Hunley (467-3477) will lead us on a special field trip to Locher Tract,
located in the Jefferson National Forest. This is a managed wildlife habitat that
contains woods, open fields, a beaver pond and good views of the James River.
We can expect an excellent variety of birds with our target birds including early migrant
warblers, Wood Duck, Brown Creeper, Fox Sparrow and Hairy Woodpecker.
Last year, Rusty Blackbirds were seen. There will be 2 miles of level walking,
but wear sturdy, waterproof shoes. Locher Tract is near Natural Bridge Station in
Rockbridge County. If time permits, we may visit the surrounding Arcadia area and
nearby Solitude Swamp. Directions: We will meet at the Bojangles at Botetourt
Commons in Daleville. To get there, exit at 150B on I-81 and follow signs to 220
North. Go about one mile and take a left onto Commons PKY (formerly Wesley Rd)
and then a right on Kin

Save that Date:
VSO Annual Meeting May 3-5, 2019
You won’t want to miss this VSO Annual Meeting from May 3-5, 2019. It will be at
Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia. This hotel was named 2018 Hotel of
the Year by the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging and Travel Association. For more information about the hotel see Not only will you enjoy your
stay and the meals at the hotel, but the birding will be fantastic. There will be plenty
of interesting field trips to choose from so that you can look for some of those high
-elevation species you don’t see in other parts of Virginia. Would you like to see a
Ruffed Grouse, Black-billed Cuckoo, Least Flycatcher, Golden-winged Warbler,
Mourning Warbler, Cerulean Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, or Rose-breasted Grosbeak?
Then plan to join us for the 2019 VSO Annual Meeting. Detailed information
about making hotel reservations and registering will be in upcoming newsletters.
Although, you may be a member of the Roanoke Valley Bird Club, you can also
join the Virginia Society of Ornithology by going to

Field Trips Field Trips Chair, Linda Cory (540) 580- 5214

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