Roanoke Valley Bird Club

Birding Bookbags


In an effort to introduce birding to members of our community who have not yet been exposed to it, or have not had access to the tools to get started, the Roanoke Valley Bird Club launched an exciting new program in July 2022: Library Birding Backpacks. 

Thirty-one birding backpacks, created and donated by RVBC were distributed to area libraries for loan just like a book or DVD. Every library in Roanoke County, Roanoke City, Salem and Botetourt County now has at least one, and in most cases more than one, birding backpack available to check out!

These backpacks put high-quality adult binoculars, guides and information into your hands. These are not inexpensive kid-proof binoculars but are perfect to use while out with your family birding!  Club members are also offering introductory talks at libraries to give budding birders, young and old, the know-how and confidence to use them and get out on the trails! 

Ask at your local library’s, reference desk about the library birding backpacks, and find out for yourself. It could be the start of a wonderful new lifelong hobby for you and your children.

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